A healthy life is a wealthy life. In this materialistic world today, many mistake a life with a lot of stuff surrounding themselves as a “good” one. But as far as your physical health is concerned nothing could be far from truth. 

Eat Right 

It is said that the human body is the same as a machine. You “input” food and water, primarily, and the output is what you get; it can be a perfectly fit body, obesity, various illnesses etc. Very few come to this world with sicknesses, which are known as inherited diseases. But many are born perfectly fine. To thank for that, humans have to take in processed food, too much oil and fat, sugar and more. The body isn’t ready to process such unnatural raw material. On top of that, burning of those materials in way of exercise should be done. If you don’t want to go to a gym, simply follow a yin yoga benefits at home. 


From the beginning of life, there was water. Humans evolved from water. That itself should communicate the importance of water to human body. However with the innovation and introduction of various types of beverages, water has lost its premiere status. The danger, though, is that many of these beverages consist of many adverse elements. Especially, a lot of soft drinks have a very high sugar content to make the drink appeal to consumers. Other drinks have acidic content which can affect your teeth and gums, not to mention your vital internal organs. So it’s always safer to fulfill the beverage requirement of the body with water rather than artificially manufactured drinks. 


As any machine processes the raw materials put in to it, similarly our bodies will also process the food and drinks we consume. However there’s a limit to the bodily functions and it won’t use everything we eat. The rest will be stored and that amounts to body fat. Although there are many other factors affecting deposition of body fat, such as hereditary factors, it’s simple math to surmise that the more you eat, more will be stored. Hence working it out is the one solution. Again, if you have issues with visiting a gym, walking or running in the park etc. A yin yoga workshop is a good option. Check out more here https://www.with-yinyoga.com/yin-yoga-teacher-training/. 

It is fun to eat and drink whatever you want when you are young. But it can come back to hit you in the rear one day when you are older. So take care of yourself because no one else will.  

Do You Really Need A University Degree To Succeed?

Most of us link success with the number of academic qualifications one has obtained. In recent times, this notion has been heavily challenged. Several researches conducted have proven that there seems to be no direct connection between the level of academic qualifications one has gained and their performance in the workplace or success in life.  

While it is a must for professionals like doctors, engineers, nurses and surgeons to obtain a valid degree from a recognised university to practice what they do, graduating from college or university is not an integral part for other professions. Here are few reasons why it is still possible to be successful without fancy higher education qualifications.  

The Diminishing Significance of Résumés 

Several years back, a lot was riding on one document with two pages at most, to be considered for an available job opportunity. Today, companies display more interest in reading the cover letter that is attached to the application than the résumé itself. This is because; the cover letter ties up the entire résumé and shows the employer what you can bring to the table. Therefore, a recent pass out from a Thailand international school with a fantastic cover letter could have a better chance of securing a job than a degree holder with a poorly written cover note. 

It is the Skills and Talents that Matter 

For starters, how many people end up pursuing careers in their chosen field of study? Most students, who graduate from college or university at a very tender age, have hardly any idea or certainty about what kind of job they want to do or what industry they want to be part of. They just enrol at University straight after secondary school as they feel like it is the next ‘must-do’ step in life.  

However, chances of not landing your dream job even with the best academic qualifications are increasing day by day. Employers now look for candidates with the right personality and drive that can be easily trained well to do the job, rather than those with outstanding paper qualifications and poor personality. So, you may have studied at the best international school in Bangkok since childhood or the best public school in the country, none of it would matter if you do not possess the key traits the employer is looking for.  View more information here http://brightoncollege.ac.th/learning/prep/

Practical Experience Counts  

While a student who takes the mainstream route spends up to four years studying full-time at university, another might progress directly from school into the workforce as an entry-level experience holder. They then undergo thorough job specific training, both on-the-job training as well as off-site to enhance the learning and develop skills that are needed to perform the job well.  

Childcare is an issue that many parents lament about. That is because you have to ensure that this individual capable of taking care of your child when you are not there. Hence not only do you have to make sure that they are responsible. But you also have to make sure that your child bonds with this individual. That is because the child would be spending a countless amount of time with them. However, we understand that this is not an easy task. Many of these parents may already be overwhelmed with their family and work commitments. Therefore they may not have the time to consider the type of caregiver they wish to hire. Furthermore, they would not even be aware of the factors that they should consider when making this decision.  

Give Them Instructions 

Many parents tend to think that this individual would be aware of what to do when you hire them. But that is not true because they would not be familiar with the child. Furthermore, they would not be aware of the routines. Therefore it is crucial for the parent to give this individual as much information as possible. This can range from the type of snacks they like to eat after nursery to their bedtime routine. Therefore before you hire them to make sure to write down all that you have to tell them.  

Have a Trial Run 

Before you make a final decision it is crucial to observe how this individual would interact with your children. Therefore try to have a trial run one day to observe their behaviour. On this, you should take a backseat and let the individual handle the children. This means making them a snack after them come home from pre school in Bangkok and looking over their homework. Furthermore, you would also be able to see whether they follow instructions. Moreover, it would offer the child an opportunity to bond with this individual before you make a decision. Therefore you would get to see whether the child feels comfortable or not. 


It is true that your Nanny may have experience with children. But make sure that they have experience handling children of your age. That is because experience take care of a 10-year-old is different from taking care of a toddler. Therefore it is also crucial to contact the individual’s references in order to get an overall overview of this person. 

We understand that finding a nanny is a challenging and stressful task. But with the help of these tips, you would be able to streamline this process.